Fall League (Preseason Academy)

September 11 - October 26

Registration closes September 1st.

5th - 7th Grade Girls:

(6-7pm) Monday Trident Academy

(6-7pm) Wednesday WBA

8th Grade & Up Girls:

(7pm-8pm) Monday Trident Academy

(7pm-8pm) Wednesday WBA

5th - 7th Grade Boys:

(6-7pm) Wednesday Trident Academy

(6pm-7pm) Mondays WBA

8th Grade & Up Boys:

(7pm-8pm) Wednesday Trident Academy

(7pm-8pm) Monday WBA

2nd - 4th Grade Girls:

(4:30pm-5:30pm) Tuesday/Thursday at WBA

2nd - 4th Grade Boys:

(4:30pm-5:30pm) Monday/Wednesday at WBA

WBA is Wings Basketball Academy, 2612 Larch Lane, suite 109

Trident Academy is 1455 Wakendaw Rd.

The first 25 registrants will get unlimited access to the shooting machine in November & December!

One Day Per Week


Two Days Per Week


Wings Basketball

Elite Basketball Training, Located in South Carolina

Phone: (706) 627-4528

Email: [email protected]